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Nate’s Milestone Portraits | Fredericksburg Photographer

We love any reason to celebrate and take pictures.  

Our reasons for milestone pictures for Nate were for two occasions, graduating to the ninth grade, and his birthday. 

These were special to us because Nate is our child (Ryan’s son and my stepson).  He was so willing to let us take these pictures of him, I say this in contrast to our other three who avoid a camera at all costs! Nate has such a good heart, and stands out from so many other boys his age.  He will call and talk on the phone with me and his dad just to say hi and to see how we are doing.  And he helps around the house without any provocation or asking. 

Nate is such a sweet child.  When we first moved into our new neighborhood, he made good friends with the neighbors (so did we).  And as the summer ended and he had to leave, he wrote the sweetest letter to them.  I’ve never known an 11 year old to do that, without being asked to! Whoever the girl is to marry Nate is going to be lucky for sure!

He loves tinkering with things, opening them up and seeing how they work, then usually putting them back together. 

He loves going on bike rides and meeting new friends and just talking with our neighbors. Nate is always the willing participant when we need to return something to our neighbors or if letting someone borrow something of ours.  We think it’s because he just loves being around people.  And in case this location looks familiar, you’re right! We love shooting here!

We can’t wait to make this a tradition with Nate and document every other year until he graduates!

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Senior boy leaning on a rustic farm fence

August 2, 2020

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