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What to wear for your Maternity Session

What to wear at your Maternity Session with Ryan and Jacki

So you’re planning a maternity session with us, let us be the first to say “congratulations!”

What you wear during your shoot is crucial to getting the look and feel of what you are going for.

The goals of picking out your maternity shoot dress is to 

  1. Be comfortable
  2. Embody your feminine curves and new bump

All of our brides have followed our guide and have had gorgeous sessions, like Lisa and Alex and Katie and Sean.

Being comfortable during your maternity shoot is so important

You could be wearing the most beautiful gown, but when you put it on you are very uncomfortable or feel less than amazing, regardless of price, style, etc., if you don’t feel your best you will be able to tell in your images.  Pick your dress accordingly, pick your dress for the season you are in.  If you are dead set on one but know it’s going to be cold, perhaps look for a fur stole or pashmina to cover with. 

Embrace your new body and glow!

On to point two- or B- You are growing a whole human in your body, a miracle in itself! Embrace your changes and know your belly is going to be the focus of every picture so decide if you want a form fitting or flowy dress (or both if you opted for the full session!)  If you do wear a fitted dress, I suggest a foundation that goes from your knees over your belly to make sure any lines are smoothed.  

What color you wear is super important too, we go into much more detail in our style guide, but a general rule we love is neutrals, grays, and light tones such as a cornsilk blue, blush pink, soft buttery yellows.  

For accessories, now is the time to pick out that floral crown, or dangly earrings, and heels, if you do bring a large floral crown, know we will swap them in and out or do part of a session with it. 

For the men:

Make sure you match the level of your wife! If she is wearing a dress, a pair of slacks and a button up with a blazer looks perfect, and navy blue and grays go with just about anything.  You don’t have to wear a suit and tie, but images look off when one person is wearing more dressy looks and the other isn’t. 

Also, we suggest you leave your baseball caps at home.  I know you live in this, and you don’t want to stray from who you are, but these are images to be cherished and trust us, you will wish you didn’t have it on.  Besides, it’s only just an hour or two and we won’t tell!

Our affordable choices for maternity session dresses

We’ve selected a few of our favorite affordable dresses that are sure to be favorites of yours too! *The last dresses aren’t maternity specific but are known to be bump friendly.

February 9, 2022

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