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What to wear to your senior session – Girls Edition | Fredericksburg Photographers

So, you’ve booked your senior session with us, and now you have no clue what to wear.  Well, rest assured you will be taken care of since we will send you a Senior Style Guide right after signing that contract! However, if you haven’t read it yet or even if you’ve decided to go with someone else who doesn’t offer one, we are here to help! We want every senior to feel special during your session, whether or not you are our client. So we’ve created a Cliffs Notes of sorts of our full length guide. Just some things to think about when picking out your clothes.

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Plan for the correct season.

For obvious reasons this is a very easy way to narrow down your outfits.  The key is to be comfortable in whatever weather you are in.  Fall and spring are the easiest to dress for, as you can wear pants or shorts, long or short skirts and still be super comfy. The last thing you need is to be shivering or sweating profusely because your outfit didn’t coordinate with the weather! Also, it’s very unappealing to the brain to have a cacophony of seasons in a picture. 

What colors to wear?

There is no wrong answer for this. Wait, ok, yes there is. Opt for colors that have never been used as a highlighter, or entire outfits of one color. Remember, for your senior session, we want to focus on you, not the color of your clothes!

You can also pick colors for the season.  Take advantage of the fall colors and wear beautiful warm shades. Winter – throw on some red or green, with a winter white.  For spring and summer we love rich colors.  Just make sure whatever you choose compliments your skin tone!

Think of Timeless Style

Nowadays with places like Shein and ChicWish, fast fashion is all the rage.  While it is cute now, will it still look great looking back 15 years. Or even two?  Think of styling your shoot like a Chanel lookbook (without the pricetag!) We aren’t trying to sway you from being yourself, just make sure what you are wearing is who you truly are.  And trust us, we know, we grew up with JNCO jeans with 40 inch leg openings, white shimmery eyeshadow and platform sandals.  Thank God Jacki’s mom nixed that idea for our senior portraits!

Utilize your Outfit Changes

This can more or less play off of the section prior.  If you are dead set on going for high fashion, you have room for it!  If your mom wants to pick out an outfit as well, absolutely.  And you still have one more look!  We decided on three looks because you can show off all aspects of your life.  Our suggestions for outfit changes are: sporty, casual, formal, cozy, semi-formal, school based.  You don’t have to do any of our suggestions, you can have all three just be your three favorite outfits!

RJP Tip: Wear that prom gown! You only get one chance to put it on, why not memorialize it in gorgeous pictures!


Feel free to wear a scarf, wide brimmed hat, necklace, bright lipstick, cute shoes, and really anything.  They add drama and interest to your images. 

Shop your closet

You don’t need to go and buy new outfits, use your most favorite outfits, and only get new items if you absolutely need to! 

If you’ve read through this and still would like some inspiration, check out our pinterest board and instagram.

September 15, 2020

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